About Us

Hi there!


We are Olivia and Maddie – the “O” and the “M” of OM Fitness.

We’ve got your back when it comes to all things fitness, food, and focus.
We’re sisters, scientists, and strategists on a mission to help you sift through the health trends and fitness fads to take out the complexity & confusion of healthy living.
It doesn’t have to be a dramatic lifestyle change.
In fact, you may be closer than you think.


About O


I’m Olivia – holistic health coach, graduated summa cum laude from University Wisconsin, Eau Claire with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. I am currently studying in the Holistic Health Masters program (one of only a few masters programs of its kind in the US) at St. Catherine University in St Paul, MN.

I am super passionate about giving ambitious professionals the tools to create vibrant health, and sharing my secrets for thriving in a strong body and mind, so you can stand-out, rise-to-the-top, establish meaningful connections, and live your life’s purpose.


About M


I’m Maddie. I graduated from the prestigious College of Science and Engineering  and the College of Food, Agriculture & Natural Resource Sciences at the University of MN with degrees in Food Engineering and Nutrition.

With this unique academic combination, I can bring simplicity to a complex understanding of food. My background gives me the understanding of the functionality of food ingredients from how they affect food products in terms of taste, texture, and appearance to the understanding of how the foods we eat behave in our bodies.

I love to create simple but nutrient-rich recipes and healthify old favorites to increase their nutrient density without giving up the flavor.


Nutrition can be complicated, but we are here to help.